Hermes Birkin Bag : How to become “one of the tribe”

champers Hermes Birkin Bag[1]

Olivia Palermo, one of the most famous fashion-bloggers of our age, used these words to describe her feelings just after having bought her first Birkin: ” It was a pivotal moment…it was like joining a fashion clique and becoming one of the tribe”.

Nowadays, Hermès Birkin Bag is the most iconic handbag, a symbol of wealth an status and what is more, is one of the most recognisable and desired bag.

Everything began in 1981, when Jean-Louis Dumas – the  Hermès CEO – during a flight from Paris to London met a It-girl whose name was Birkin. The girl expressed her difficulty in finding “the perfect leather bag” and some years later, in 1984, Jean-Louis Dumas created a black leather handbag for Birkin, which included all the characteristics she wanted.

Some data would be useful to understand the spread of the “Birkin phenomenon”. The price range is quite variable, from $7.400 to $150.000, it depends on the leather; the most precious and expensive is the saltwater crocodile. Moreover, it is impossible to enter a Hermès shop and go out with a Birkin. In fact, you must order it and the wait time is approximately six years.

In spite of the crazy price – justified by Hermès with “the intricate craftmanship that goes into production” – and despite the time you have to wait for, Hermès Birkin is still the most desirable luxury object for celebrities but also ordinary women.

It is not just like a leather handbag but Birkin has become a status symbol, an icon for fashion lovers.


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